About Neckmike

Neckmike – Above the Noise

The Neckmike headset is patented design, which combines a throat microphone with noise isolating in-ear stereo headphones so that you can hear AND be heard, above the noise. With Neckmike, users can communicate via mobile phone, Bluetooth intercom, two-way radios or with other communication systems, while listening to stereo music or other audio sources in any almost any environment.

Neckmike’s throat microphone works better than traditional open-air microphones because it picks up speech directly from your voice box, and is far less affected by surrounding noise such as wind, engine sounds, machinery, traffic, etc. Furthermore, Neckmike’s noise isolating, in-ear stereo headphones block out outside sounds for ease of listening and hearing protection. Finally, because Neckmike is worn by the user and is not attached to a single helmet, it is flexible for different use cases, with or without a helmet. Many customers use Neckmike for multiple activities. For example, riding motorcycles, driving a tractor, working in the shop, mowing the lawn, cruising in a convertible, etc.

Neckmike is a Swedish design, originally invented for snowmobile riders in the extreme conditions of northern Europe. These customers needed a solution that was rugged, reliable and could be used with or without a helmet at full speed. The unique design of Neckmike proved very capable, and was quickly adopted for use in other pursuits including motorcycling, sea rescue, fire fighting, industry and aviation.

The Neckmike company has continuously innovated since 2004, has been awarded patents in the U.S. and Europe, and has received supply contracts for the military, fire and rescue markets in Scandinavia. The fifth generation Neckmike (MK5) launched in the spring of 2013 and is the first Neckmike available for sale in the United States.

Other notable Swedish inventions include dynamite by Alfred Nobel, the zipper by Gideon Sundbäck and the three point automotive safety belt by Nils Bohlin.

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